Invitation to Antwerp


Invitation by our Presidents

Dear members,




A joint annual scientific meeting with our neighbors from the Belgian Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery may sound obvious and familiar but actually never took place before. An invitation in this respect from our Belgian colleagues was therefore accepted without hesitation, as was their suggestion to have the first meeting in Antwerp in the renewed Elisabeth Center. A two-day format on a Friday and Saturday was deliberately chosen to give room to other initiatives in addition to the meeting itself.


The objective of the meeting is an inspiring exchange of knowledge from both clinical and experimental research activities by the members of two societies. As a result, not only residents should submit abstracts as has become common practice at our traditional spring and autumn meeting. Both junior and senior investigators are invited to bring forward the latest results and developments from their most excellent research programs.


To make this meeting a special occasion, taking advantage of the fact that we are neighbors, more is needed than a brilliant scientific program. Despite clear differences in our national health care systems, many of the organizational problems that bother us today not only will have our mutual interest but also might benefit from a concerted action in finding solutions. This is our challenge and one more reason your attendance of this meeting is urgently needed and highly appreciated!


Looking forward to a successful start of a new tradition,

on behalf of the board of the NVT,



Jos Maessen


Dear colleagues and members,

Dear friends,



I have the pleasure to announce you that the annual scientific meeting of the BACTS for 2017 will be different from previous happenings. For the first time in the society’s history, our November meeting will be a ‘joint’ meeting with our colleagues of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Thoraxheelkunde.


Although it might seem premature, I am already excited to invite you and to welcome you, on a meeting embracing the scientific strength of two societies, yielding excellent expertise on both domains of cardiac and thoracic surgery. To encounter the customs of both, the format has been adapted into a 2-day meeting, starting on Friday 17 th November with the traditional plenary sessions, and ending on the morning of Saturday 18 November, with a thematic session on data management and quality control in cardio-thoracic surgery, hoping to gather here the best of both nations’ health organization. Hereto, a location central to both has been chosen in Antwerp, at the renewed and splendid Elisabeth Center.


Included to the program, a General Assembly will be held on 17thNovember , preparing the consensus on the transition of my 2-year presidency of the BACTS to Dr. Philippe Nafteux as next president, and its replacement as our actual secretary.


On behalf of the BACTS, I hope that you all warmly receive these new initiatives and respond unanimously by being largely present at the time of the meeting, by affording scientific contributions and by offering some of your time and expertise, to the advantage of our professional organization.


Best regards,


Thierry Bové

President 2016-2018

Congress Venue

FMCCA - Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp

The BACTS and the NVT boards have chosen a loation close to both countries:

The FMCCA in Antwerp.


Adjacant to the Central Railway station and part of the Zoo of Antwerp,  it boasts easy train connections and many tram and busstops close by. Moreover, there is ample parking space in the immediate surrounding.


The Main scientific sessions will take place in the Darwin Room, 1st floor while the coffee breaks, lunch and exhibition of our partners will use the Marble room.


Both are situated in the Historic Wing of the venue.

The entrance  to the congress rooms is through the main gate of the Zoo. Follow the pad along the building, the registration desk is situated at the far  end to the left.

How to get there.....?


A lot of roadworks are planned in and around Antwerp in 2017. The smartest way to get to the Elisabeth Center Antwerp is by train.




Antwerp ZOO is situated in a low emission zone (LEZ) which the city of Antwerp is reinforcing as of 1 February 2017 to enhance air quality. From then on, the most polluting vehicles will be banned from the city centre. Use the online test to see if your car is allowed to enter the zone and demand a temporary permit or day pass if need be.


 You can find further information about the low emission policy of the city of Antwerp on their website:

Parking with discount


Parking Station ZOO (formerly Nova): visitors of the Elisabeth Center Antwerp pay €4 for a day ticket.


Parking Breidel: visitors of the Elisabeth Center Antwerp get a 50% discount on the normal hourly rate.


Don't forget to ask attendants in the Elisabeth Center Antwerp to validate your parking ticket!


A good number of car parks are available in the immediate vicinity of Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp. Electronic signposts announce the location of car parks and free spaces (purple zone). The nearest car park is Q-Park.


· Parking Station ZOO

· Parking Breidel

· Parking Astridplein

· Parking De Keyser

· Parking Diamant

Address:        FMCCA

                         Koningin Astridplein 26

                         2018 Antwerpen,



Programme overview


Programme in detail

Friday 17 th November 2017


8.00       Registration


8.30        Introduction chairmen BACTS-NVT


              Adult Cardiac Session   (Darwin Room)


                       Chairs: D. De Bock, W. Suyker


8.45              Ten years experience of the concomitant Cox maze IV procedure for atrial fibrillation

                       J. François, I. Claus, K. Cathenis, B. François, F. Provenier, D. Goossens, Ph.  Ballaux (Gent)


8.57              Midterm results of randomized trial of tricuspid annuloplasty for less than severe functional tricuspid regurgitation at the time of mitral valve surgery.

                       M. Pettinari1,2, S. Lazam2, L. de Kerchove2, A. Pasquet2, B. Gerber2, J-L. Van Overschelde2, G. El Khoury2 (1 Genk , 2Louvain-en-Woluwe))


9.09              Radial artery conduit spasm prevention during coronary artery bypass grafting using topical calcium antagonists:

                       a comparison between Verapamil and Nicardipine.

                       L. Teeuwen, H. Ozdemir, S. Basous, A. Van Straten, J. ter Woorst, M. Haanschoten,  M. Soliman Hamad (Eindhoven, Nl)


9.21              Fifteen year experience with valve-sparing reimplantation technique for the treatment of aortic aneurysm and aortic regurgitation.

                       St. Mastrobuoni, L. de Kerchove, E. Navarra, Ph. Noirhomme, J. Rubay, G. El Khoury (Louvain-en-Woluwe)


9.33              Long-term results of mitral valve repair for severe mitral regurgitation in asymptomatic patients:

                       should an early surgery approach be the standard of care?

                       A. Tomšič, Y. Hiemstra, F. Van Hout, Th. Van Brakel, M. Versteegh, N. Marsan, R. Klautz, M. Palmen (Leiden, Nl)


9.45              Shorter operations save lives: very low 30-day mortality in 332 sutureless  valve implantations.

                       B. Meuris, K. De Brabandere, F. Rega, W. Oosterlinck, St. Jacobs, P. Verbrugghe (Leuven)


9.57             Implementation of a decision aid for prosthetic heart valve selection in the Netherlands.

                       NACTS/NVVC/Hart & Vaatgroep prosthetic heart valve decision aid development team:

                       M. Versteegh, H. Van Veenendaal, T. Markou, J. Kluin, J. Roos-Hesselink, P. Polak, I. Van den Broek, R. Ligthart, R. The, J. Takkenberg (Rotterdam,Nl)



10.30            Coffee Break

       Congenital Cardiac Session   (Darwin Room)


                       Chairs: P. Schoof, A. Poncelet (TBC)


11.00          Durability of pulmonary homografts for RVOT reconstruction:

                      are donor-related factors relevant?

                      E. Dekens1, E. Van Damme1, R. Jashari², B. Van Hoecke², K. François1, Th. Bové1

                      (1Gent, ²Bruxelles)


11.12           Investigation of the effect of aortic stiffening and stenosis on verticulo-

                      arterial  interaction in a porcine model of coarctation repair.

                      J. Panzer, D. De Wolf, F. De Somer, P. Segers, Th. Bové (Gent)


11.24           Repair-orientated classification of bicuspid aortic valve anatomy:

                      a clinical study in aortic valve repair surgery.

                      L. de Kerchove1, St. Mastrobuon1, Fr. Lennart², M. Boodhwani³, G. El Khoury1,

                      H-J. Schäfers³ (1Louvain-en-Woluwe, ²Homburg, D, ³Ottawa, Cdn)


11.36           Incidence of non-surgical bleedings decreases over time after continuous

                      flow LVAD  implantation.

                      St. Jacobs, K. Vandersmissen, W. Droogne, F. Rega, B. Meyns (Leuven)


11.48          Twenty five years of heart transplantation at the University Hospital Leuven.

                      T. Verbelen, L. Van Aelst, B. Meyns, P. Herijgers, B. Meuris, W. Oosterlinck,

                      P. Verbrugghe, S. Jacobs, W. Droogne, J. Van Cleemput, F. Rega (Leuven)

Parallel Satellite Symposium



 11.00    Satellite symposium : Bio Distribution


                 STERNAL CLOSURE - interest of Nitinel for primary sternal closure: experience of

                 St Jan Kliniek

                 J. Remes


                 MINI STERNOTOMY - Simplified closure of mini-sternotomy using Nitinol sternal clips:

                 experience  of C.H.U. Bruglman

                 P. Wauthy


               Thoracic osteosynthese: advantages of surgical stabilization of rib fractures and  use

                 of Titanium clips

                Prof. V. Lacroix, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Department Cliniques  Universitaires

                 Saint-Luc Brussels




12.00          General Assembly NVT  (Darwin Room)


                General Assembly and report Database Committee BACTS  (Okapi 2 Room)



13.00       Lunch

      Thoracic Session  (Darwin Room)


                       Chairs: A. Verhagen,  Benoit Rondelet


14.00            A multicenter phase II clinical trial of isolated lung perfusion with Melphalan

                       in 107 patients with resectable lung metastases.

                       P. Beckers1, M. Versteegh², Th. Van Brakel², J. Braun², P. Van Putte³, A. Maat4,

                       W. Den Hengst1, W. Vergauwen1, I. Rodrigus1, J. Gielis1, L. Denissen1,

                       P. Lauwers1, J. Hendriks1, P. Van Schil1  (1Antwerpen, ²Leiden, Nl. ³Nieuwegein,

                       Nl, 4Rotterdam, Nl)


14.12            Combined modality treatment using extrapleural pneumonectomy for

                       malignant  pleural mesothelioma: a single center experience.

                       A. Frick1, J. Moons1, K. Nackaerts1, J. Coolen1, E. Verbeken1, M. Lambrecht1,

                       Y. Lievens², W. Coosemans1, H. Decaluwé1, P. De Leyn1, L. Depypere1,

                       D. Van Raemdonck1, H. Van Veer1, Ph. Nafteux1 (1Leuven, ²Gent)


14.24            Performance of a first mediastinoscopy after induction therapy in patients

                       with  fine needle aspiration proven CN2 non-small cell lung cancer.

                       H. Decaluwé, B. Weynand, J. Moons, E. Verbeken, W. De Wever, Ch. Deroose,

                       L. Depypere, K. Nackaerts, Ph. Nafteux, J. Coolen, M. Lambrecht,

                       J. Vansteenkiste, D. Van Raemdonck, P. De Leyn, Ch. Dooms (Leuven)



14.36           Results and follow-up of mediastinal lymph node dissection in robotic-

                       assisted thoracic surgery for non-small cell lung cancer.

                       B. Topal, G. Shahin, R. Boon, A. Markou, J. Stigt (Zwolle, Nl)


14.48            Ten-year results of thoracic and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair:

                       a single center experience.

                       T. Somers1, G. Geuzebroek1, M. Schepens², M. Verkroost1, W. Morshuis1

                       (1Nijmegen, Nl, ²Brugge)



Parallel Satellite Symposium




14.00  Satellite symposiumAtriCure



                     Filip R.L. Rega, MD, PhD,

                     University Hospital Leuven, Department of Cardiac Surgery, Leuven, Belgium


                     Belgian experience with surgical ablation of atrial fibrillation: a multi-centre

                     prospective registry

                     Herbert Gutermann, MD - ZOL - Campus St-Jan, Genk, Belgium


                     Ablation of advanced atrial fibrillation: what do I need a surgeon for?

                     Joris R. de Groot, MD, PhD

                     Academic Medical Center/ University of Amsterdam, Netherlands



14.30   Satellite symposium:   Edwards Lifesciences


                 Therapeutic Options in Aortic Valve Disease for Elderly and more Active Patients,

                 From 2017 Onwards


                 ESC guidelines 2017: what does it change in the aortic valve disease treatment?

                 Prof Bonaros, Innsbruck, Austria


                 INSPIRIS RESILIA: Current evidences, and early clinical experience in BENELUX

                 Prof Bart Meuris, Leuven, Belgium


                 PANEL DISCUSSION



15.00      Coffee Break



           Adult Cardiac Session  (Darwin Room)


                       Chairs: P. Sardari Nia, M. Radermecker


15.30            Aortic cusp free edge often plicated but never measured: a clinical study in aortic  valve sparing and repair surgery.

                      L. de Kerchove, St. Mastrobuoni, S. Solari, M. Van Dijck, Ch. Watremez,  Ph. Noirhomme, P. Astarci, G. El Khoury (Louvain-en-Woluwe)


15.42            Mortality after bypass surgery versus stenting for coronary artery disease: an individual patient-data pooled analysis of 11,518 patients from  11 randomized trials.

                       St. Head1, M. Milojevic1, J. Daemen1, J-M. Ahn², E. Boersma1, E.  Christiansen³, M. Domanski4,5, M. Farkouh4,5, M. Flather6, V. Fuster4,  G. Papageorgiou1, N. Holm3, M. Hlatky7, W. Hueb8,

                       M. Kamalesh9, Y-H. Kim2, T. Mäkikallio10, Fr. Mohr11, S-J. Park2,  A. Rodriquez12, J. Sabik13, R. Stables14, G. Stone4, P. Serruys15, A. Kappetein1   (1Rotterdam, Nl, ²Seoul, South Korea, 3Aarhus,

                       DK, 4New York, Usa, 5Ontario, Cdn,  6Norwich, UK, 7California, Usa,  8São Paulo, Br, 9Indianapolis, Usa, 10Oulu, Fin, 11Leipzig, D,  12Buenos Aires, Ar, 13Ohio, Usa, 14Liverpool, UK, 15London,



15.54            Endoscopic mitral/tricuspid valve surgery in redo setting: 20 year experience.

                       Fr. Van Praet, F. Casselman, B. Stockman, Y. Vermeulen, I. Degrieck (Aalst)


16.06           Excessive leaflet tissue in mitral valve repair for isolated posterior leaflet prolapse – respect or resect?

                       A. Tomšič, Y. Hiemstra, Th. Van Brakel, M. Versteegh, N. Marsan, R. Klautz, M. Palmen (Leiden, Nl)


16.18            Hemodynamic and clinical results in aortic valve replacement with the  freedom solo stentless bioprosthesis: a single centre experience in 625 patients.

                       J. Fleerakkers, M. Schepens, W. Ranschaert, P. Verrelst (Brugge)


16.30            What is the value of a Second Internal Thoracic Graft on 3-year outcomes after CABG in left main disease? Insights from the Excel trial.

                       D. Thuijs1, J. Puskas², D. Taggart³, G. Stone², P. Serruys4, P. Boonstra5, G. Bogáts6,  N. Noiseux7, J. Sabik8, A. Kappetein1 (1Rotterdam, Nl,

                      ²New York, Usa, ³Oxford, U.K,  4London, U.K,5Leeuwarden, Nl, 6Budapest, H, 7Montreal, Cdn, 8 Cleveland, Usa)


16.42            Early and mid-term outcomes in robotic mitral valve repair for degenerative mitral regurgitation.

                      E. Navarra, St. Mastrobuoni, L. de Kerchove, Ph. Noirhomme, G. El Khoury (Louvain-en-Woluwe)


17.00            Awards session.

                                                                One prize will be handed over for the best abstract and one for the best  presentation.


19.00         Meeting Dinner   Dinner

Saturday 18th November 2017



9.00         Registration


9.30         Management of Data – Quality – Control    (Darwin Room)


                       Moderators : J. Maessen – Th. Bové


                                  -  Database organization

                                                        B. Stockman, Aalst


                                   -  Public reporting in healthcare, experience in the Netherlands

                                                        E. Daeter, (Nieuwegein, Nl.)


                                   -  Quality control committees : useful or useless ?

                                                        H. Gutermann, Genk – W. Stooker (OLVG Amsterdam, Nl)


10.30       Coffee break


11.00       Position Statement of the  profession in Cardio-Thoracic Surgery


                                  -  European Perspective

                                                        P. Waterbley, Belgian Higher Council.


                                   -  Dutch position

                                                        R. Klautz (Leiden, Nl)


                                   -  Belgian position

                                                        I. Rodrigus, Antwerpen



12.40              Session Closure


13.00              End of the meeting and drink.


    Okapi 1  Room


                    Alternatief programma juniorkamer, NP’ers en PA’s

                   en overige geïnteresseerden.


Registration Fees



                                         Member of BACTS or NVT                     0 Euro


                                         Non- Member                                          80 Euro


                                         Buitengewone Leden (NVT)              80 Euro


                                        Medical Student                                        0 Euro




Meeting dinner on Friday night :



                                         Member of BACTS or NVT                   50 Euro


                                         Non- Member, partners                    100 Euro


                                         Buitengewone Leden (NVT)            100 Euro


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Hotels on Walking Distance

For the participants who need hotel accommodation during the Congress, we have blocked for a limited time frame a number of rooms in 3 hotels situated on and on walking distance of  the "Koningin Astrid plein". This is the square in front of the Congress venue and the central Railway station.


If you need a hotel room please use the booking link of the selected hotel.


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However, you can of course use other services such as  to book you room....we only want to help you !!

Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp

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Rooms from 149 Euro / night, special BACTS - NVT prices.

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