40° Journée Orthopédique du CHU Brugmann

Saturday February 6, 2021

Due to the COVID-19

pandemic the meeting will

be organized as a webinar


Please have a look at our scientific programme consisting of Keynote contributions by our International Faculty


We invite you to join us on February 6th,2021 in our virtual space. Accreditation has been requested including Ethics & Economy.

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The Current COVID-19 pandemic has forced the organizing committee of the  "40° Journée Orthopédique du CHU Brugmann" to go Virtual. We invite you to join us on Saturday February 6, 2021, from 09:00 am in our Virtual meeting room. We understand that having such a meeting is only the second best thing and nothing can compete with a physical congress. But at least we are able to continue an already long tradition of the  'Journées Orthopédique du CHU Brugmann".  We have constructed an interesting scientific programme with National and International speakers. More detailed information on the different sessions and topics is available under the tap "Programme".  Included in the programme are 3 keynote lectures that received the label - Ethics & Economy - with the usual accreditation.  [Accreditation Orthopedics and Ethics & Economy have been applied for our Webinar].

The Webinar - 40° Journée Orthopédique du CHU Brugmann - wil be organized using the Zoom Webinar platform. Once you have registered you will be send a direct link to the platform. In order to use all the facilities offered by the platform we suggest that you download the Client app of Zoom or update to the latest version. This will allow you to use the Q&A sections to interact with all the speakers and moderators.  For technical reasons, our platform will send you a dedicated link for the webinar. This link is personal and should not be shared as this could interfere with your accreditation.


Webinar Orthopedics

King Conventions BV.

Bernardo Innocenti

Michel Bellemans

Niels Wisbech

Johan Bellemans

Laszlo Hangody

Michel Vancabeke

Anais Legrand

Marc Bossens

Pascal Poilvache

Nicolas Bloemers

Thomas Schubert

Pieter Reynders

Cristina Reynders

Guy Putzeys

Dragos Schiopu

Jean-Charles Preiser

Marcin Kaszuba